Dec. 22nd, 2035 02:42 pm
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I am afraid I am unable to speak to you at the moment. However, if you leave a message, I shall get back to you
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On Mun's RP drive, and hope for cast-mates, and thoughts on shipping


My, you certainly do have many ideas, and I am surprised that I have managed to inspire so very many of them. You must not try to pin everything on these ideas though, mundane-san. I know that is not very pirate-like of me to say so, but I cannot help but feel you may be wishing too much? But, then again... a pirate reaches for what they want, and does not stop until they get it. And despite appearances, I am a pirate. I shall support you in your ideas, mundane-san, and I hope that we will see some result.

As for your 'shipping'... well, I do not know much about that, but I suppose, perhaps, it may be nice to find someone. Companionship of a closer kind is a very lovely thing, and I think I may wish to experience it at some point. I leave it in your capable hands.

Thank you for listening, mundane-san.

(Also at Dear_Player)

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A bit of voice-testing and an idea that wouldn't leave the mun's brain


It is very nice of you to pick me up although you already have Marvelous-san in your headspace. I am sure we will get along greatly and seek out many great treasures together.

That being said ... I do not recall my Mother or my Father speaking of a Moon Princess. Perhaps you are mistaken in that I would know her?

You are right, however, she does sound like an interesting individual to know.

I would advise, Mundane-san, watching some more of the show to ensure that you 'have' my 'voice'


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